Replacing Legacy AHRS Systems

The very reason for being for the vast majority of naval platforms is to deliver accurate and effective firepower as and when it’s required; without this capability these vessels are effectively not much more than expensive, grey surveillance and communications platforms.

To deliver this firepower the ship’s navigation, steering control and platform stabilisation systems need fast and accurate, position, attitude, heading and heave data.

In the past much of this data has been supplied through the use of mechanical Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and these systems are still in widespread use around the world today.
However, many of these systems are reaching the end of their service life and the need to find a cost effective way to replace these legacy systems without expensive integration programmes has become a priority for many navies.

To meet the requirement for the retrofit as well as for new build market, UK based company Teledyne TSS has developed the MK31 Inertial Reference System (IRS).

This system uses 3 separate solid state ring laser gyros to collect the data then uses its own software algorithm to analyse it. It then deliver the results to the ship’s systems in real-time.

The system is accurate to 0.1 degree sec lat and roll and pitch measurements to within 0.025 degrees through a range of +/- 90 degrees. Heave measurements are accurate to 5cm or 5 % over ranges 0-99m and free inertial positioning accurate to 5NM/hr and has a fast settling time. The system can be used in surface and sub surface vessels in temperatures ranging from –10 degrees C to +55 degrees C with a depth rating of 6000 meters. It’s key components offer 30,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failure).

When delivered the system will include the MK31 Inertial Reference Unit (IRU), a control display unit (CDU), and a re-transmission unit (RTU). (Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is optional.)

The MK31 can be used to replace almost any existing AHRS unit and Teledyne TSS’ experience means they are able to design and produce interfaces between a wide range of existing analogue and digital units of almost any age or manufacture. It can also be tailored to provide motion data and gyro-headings to other electronic systems such as electronic charts and radar’s.

Following its recent introduction, the MK31 system has now been successfully installed in more than 10 vessels in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Editors Notes

Teledyne - TSS Ltd, under its S G Brown brand name has over a century of experience in marine navigation, gyrocompasses and steering controls. This is combined with a range of high-tech, accurate sensors for heading and motion measurement, and subsea pipe and cable survey and detection, bespoke engineering services, and repair, overhaul and maintenance services.
Based in Watford, Hertfordshire (UK) and with satellite offices in Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, Texas (USA), Teledyne – TSS, offers comprehensive sales and service capabilities through its own personnel and its products are supported by a world-wide network of representatives

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