Teledyne TSS at Oceanology International 2010

Teledyne TSS is exhibiting its Orion inertial navigation systems and SGB2000 solid state gyrocompasses on the Teledyne Marine stand no. D100.

After extensive testing, the Orion product range achieved IMO (International Maritime Authority) approval in 2009 making it suitable as a ship’s primary heading indicator and for the export of data into equipment such as radar, electronic chart displays and voyage data recorders, as well as a popular choice for platform stabilisation and motion compensation applications.  The approval certifies the Orion as meeting the demanding ISO 16328, ISO 60945 and IEC 61162 standards.

The Orion Inertial Navigation System has been specifically designed for the demanding hydrographic survey, offshore construction and ROV (remotely operated vehicle) operations markets and it incorporates three single axis ring laser gyro elements and three highly accurate accelerometers. It uses the latest version of the TSS inertial algorithm, which has over 30 years of pedigree and provides outstanding performance in all sea conditions. Receiving IMO approval now means that the Orion’s output can also be used to meet a ship’s gyro-compass carriage requirements. This eliminates the need for a separate gyro-compass as it can also provide the heading data needed for bridge systems and other navigation and radar equipment.

The SGB 2000 uses the latest solid state technology and has been specifically developed to meet the needs of users whose working environment is too demanding for conventional mechanical gyros.  It has been developed for any applications needing a rugged dependable and accurate primary heading source whilst operating in extreme sea conditions as with high speed craft or for subsea applications.

The unit  has no moving parts and it incorporates high grade inertial sensing elements with exceptionally high shock rating.  The advanced ring laser gyros and accelerometers within the SGB 2000 offer a MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) in excess of 300,000 hours. The extremely accurate and stable heading provided by the SGB 2000 can be maintained during turns of up to 200 deg per second. This makes the system ideal for use on fast survey craft and in inshore environments.  The new gyrocompass is also available in both surface and subsea housings rated to 3000 metres water depth.

The SGB2000 is latitude and speed corrected and subsea versions can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This is expected to make it attractive to a wide range of users including ROV operators and seabed structural engineers seeking a cost effective and practical alternative to the mechanical gyro. It also includes the benefits of multiple configurable I/O channels with a fast settling time and low power consumption.  The surface variant of the SGB 2000,  soon to be available with IMO Wheelmark and HSC (High Speed Craft) certification, has a flexible interface allowing easy connectivity to existing ships’ systems.  A comprehensive range of repeaters is available from Teledyne TSS to complement the SGB 2000.

Teledyne TSS Ltd is one of the world’s leading gyrocompass manufacturers – in 2010 it celebrates 100 years of design and manufacture in this specialised field. Its products include the highly successful Meridian range of compasses in addition to the new SGB2000 range. Teledyne TSS Ltd also manufactures a highly respected range of inertial navigation systems, motion sensors and  subsea pipe and cable trackers. 


Teledyne TSS will also be hosting an evening reception for its customers on board HMS Belfast on Wednesday 10th March – please visit stand D100 for more information.

For further information please contact us at or visit our stand D100.


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